Love of a good hair oil!

An oil that actually sinks into your hair!
An oil that actually sinks into your hair!

I generally find hair oils incredibly disappointing.  The drug store versions tend to just sit on top of your hair and they are generally more gel / liquid than oil.  I tend to use high end body oils or my staple Ojon hair treatment (I’ll do a post on this beaut soon, but my review of their fabulous conditioning spray is here) for a hair treat.

I’ve steered clear of buying Moroccanoil for ages, mainly because you can buy pure Argan oil at a better price and this stuff is expensive.  Anyhow for the love of I thought I’d purchase a little bottle to test out what all the hype is about!  This tiny bottle retails at £13.45 – ouch!

Moroccanoil is a cult product for its intensely moisturising properties and magical ability to restore and revive damaged and over processed hair.   I have friends who swear by the stuff and can’t live without it!  Firstly it’s a proper oil, which is a massive check for me!  It doesn’t just sit on top of your hair and therefore disappear onto your pillow the moment you lay down.  You have to be very careful with the amount of decent oils you apply as they can make your hair look oily quickly.  I applied this oil post wash on damp hair before drying.  It made a huge difference to the old flyaways and made my dry ends significantly better looking after drying and straightening.

The oil doesn’t smell anything like pure Argan oil, which has a very distinct nutty scent.  Having said that this oil is very nicely scented.  Usually I like to saturate my hair in oil the night before I wash, so it has a really intense overnight condition.  Sadly I don’t feel I can justify using Moroccanoil to do that!  For the price, the bottle is seriously tiny!  I’m going to use it only post wash for a little protection from heat and for added moisture.  I only needed a very tiny dribble of product to coat the mid-lengths and ends of my hair.

The results really speak for themselves and I am sold on using this oil as a finishing product on dry hair or to help with protecting my damaged hair post wash / pre drying.  It made my hair smooth and super shiny, along with even making my ends soft to touch.

Loves – a fabulous hair oil that really does work!

Not so Loves – the price tag – ouch

Overall – I’d love to buy gallons of this stuff and saturate my hair in it, but reality is this is too expensive to be so frivolous (sadly).  I’m using my precious bottle sparingly.

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