Liz Earle Superskin Serum

imageI have been holding off writing this review so that I could thoroughly test this new serum and give an honest review.  I took ages to decide to buy this serum when it first came out because it’s £48!  This is far more than I would usually spend on any product, let alone a little luxury ‘add on’ product!  My love for Liz Earle got the better of me, and I’ve now been using the serum for about three weeks,

Liz Earle say that it does an awful lot, such as,

‘1. Even skin tone – with Persian silk tree extract to help fight the visible signs of fatigue, such as a dull complexion.
2. Lift and firm – with pomegranate flower extract to help boost collagen.
3. Plump and smooth – with rhubarb extract to help intensely hydrate skin.’

You are supposed to use this serum in the mornings before applying your moisturiser.  I have been applying in the evenings alongside my eye cream, on its own.  One pump is enough for my entire face and the top half of my neck!  It applies like a lightweight lotion and seems to absorb into my skin almost straight away.  It’s not greasy or sticky in the slightest.  My skin is super soft to touch after applying.

After a few weeks the main benefit is that I seem to have lost the greyish, haven’t slept for months, thanks new baby look!  I haven’t noticed that my skin is firmer or that it’s lifted, but there is a definite improvement in the overall radiance and texture of my skin.

Loves – a really luxurious serum, full of natural ingredients, leaving my skin radiant!

Not so Loves – the lid! It’s a cheap nasty design that doesn’t fit terribly well!  Mine is already cracked and it certainly wouldn’t survive any kind of travelling!  Come on Liz Earle a £50 product deserves a nice lid surely!

Overall – it’s nice, but I need a pay rise to repurchase!  A definite luxury, maybe making it to a birthday list!

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