Makeup Revolution Palette Review

32 shades for £8!

I’m always such a bargain hunter!  I’ll only ever buy top end products if I get a free gift or can find a discount code somewhere to make the deal sweeter!  So when I popped into Superdrug recently to buy some toothpaste I had a quick look down the makeup aisle.  Here I came across Makeup Revolution brand and I couldn’t believe the prices!  I picked up this entire eyeshadow palette with 32 different shades for a tiny £8.  Too good to be true right?!

This palette is the ‘flawless’ palette.  There are loads of different palette options, I picked this one mainly for the deep red / cranberry colour and the forest green colour.  I wanted to use some different colours to experiment with some new looks. So first up I tried the green.  Well with unexpected results!  I applied over the top of of one of the lighter shimmery colours and it came out blue!  I hate blue eyeshadow so this was increadibly disappointing!  It certainly wasn’t green!  I tried again using the colours second from left.  I was after a smokey brown eye look, what I got was a muted pinky beige from this set.

The colours and combinations create some really bizarre results!  I was so disappointed with the green, who wants flipping bright blue from a green eyeshadow?!  I have to be honest my magpie, bargain hunter senses have well and truly let me down on this occasion!  I feel like I’ve wasted £8.  That’s not to say that some of the colours aren’t nice and useable, some of them really are!  But I don’t want to use a palette never really being sure of the colour or end result I’ll get!  If you have all the time in the world to experiment, and correct mistakes, you can’t go wrong for £8!  For me this is just a no!  I’d rather spend more on a reliable palette.

Sorry bargain hunters it’s a no from me!

Loves – £8 great for much younger girls who like to experiment, or maybe for fancy dress looks.

Not so Loves – shadows create bizarre colours that I didn’t expect!

Overall- my first, and sadly last experiment with this brand.

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