Post Pregnancy Skin Woes!

So it happened!  My beautiful glowing skin and tumbling locks have succumbed to post pregnancy horror!  My little boy is now eight months old, and with all the delights of sitting up, giggling, trying new foods, exploring new places comes the disaster that is my post maternity hair and skin!

For the entire duration of my pregnancy I shed not a hair!  This meant my usually very fine hair suddenly had life, bounce and even a spot of volume!  It’s now coming out in clumps!  I keep expecting to find a bald patch!  I even went so far as to get my long suffering hair dresser to check every inch while applying my usual highlighting foils.  The good news – no bald patches . . . . Yet!

My skin is equally just horrific!  By about seven months post birth my beautifully clear skin was dotted with nasty blemishes, the like of which I hadn’t seen since being a teenager.  I’ve had to completely overhaul my skin routine to try to sort the sorry mess out!  Here’s what I found helped, and what didn’t!


The first (and most expensive) thing I tried was Clinique’s anti blemish solutions three step system.  It’s a whopping £25 for three products.  You get a foaming facial wash, a toner and a clearing treatment / moisturiser.  So the products are meant to be a starter kit, giving you about two weeks to try them all out.  The foam wash went very quickly and was a little pointless in my opinion.  It didn’t really clean my skin very well, it still felt a bit grubby post wash and it lasted no time at all!  Admittedly I’m not a fan of foam washes anyhow, but this was particularly meh!  The toner is increadibly astringent, and I still have most of the bottle left.  It’s pretty great for making your skin feel squeaky clean, but it’s very harsh for sensitive types.  I’m keeping this in case of future breakouts.  The treatment / moisturiser was slightly confusing!  I know this has had a rebrand, it’s now billed as more of a treatment that’s meant to moisturise rather than the other way around.  I found it really did neither.  It was definitely no use as a moisturiser.  Big fat thumbs down to this set.

A huge plus from this range however, is their anti blemish solutions BB cream at £28 for 30ml.  It’s a nice, buildable foundation in a good range of colours.  I’m not sure it helped rid my skin of blemishes, but I did feel it was a great oil free foundation that covered them up nicely.  I have it in the lightest shade they do which is ‘light’.  I’d say this is a true light to fair and therefore too orange if you are at all porcelain.

I then opted to revisit my youth and explore the Body Tea Tree range again.  I went a little crazy (mainly because there are always such good offers online!) and bought the facial wash, body wash, oil and pore minimiser.  Everything in the range costs from around £5.50 to £9.  Everything is highly scented with tea tree, which I feel instantly gives you a super clean feel.  The facial wash is a gel, so removes all the nasties, and a day’s makeup really well.  It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable which was surprisingly nice.  The body wash is the same, great for an all over feeling of being very fresh and clean.  The oil is a super little blemish busting treatment, it doesn’t sting on contact, but certainly felt very cool on contact.  I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t pure tea tree oil, but it certainly did the job spot busting for me!  The pore minimiser is a really fresh primer product.  It’s quite moisturising, while actively working to treat those horrid imperfections.  A good all rounder!

I’ve been using the Body Shop tea tree oil range for a few weeks now.  My skin has definitely improved, I think it’s clearer, noticeably so, and I haven’t had an angry spot in a while.  I’m going to keep going with the products to try to stay blemish free, my hair on the other hand!  Well that’s a whole different battle!


2 thoughts on “Post Pregnancy Skin Woes!

  1. Oh gosh this isn’t good. I didn’t find the facial wash harsh, nor the pore minimiser, so maybe they would be OK to try. But the Clinique stuff was super harsh! I’m not sure oily / blemish prone skin equals the need for really harsh and stripping products. Have you tried any of the Kiehls oil free stuff? That’s meant to be gentle but good for scarring? Thanks for reading and commenting xx


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