Running away from pregnancy weight gain!

Im currently in the throws of attempting to shift some post pregnancy podge and get some level of fitness back!  To be honest I’d stopped watching my weight and exercising properly well before I was pregnant with my little munchkin!  Moving up north for a job I hated and constantly suffering repeated miscarriages (you can read about my story here) basically meant I didn’t really look after myself properly.

I used to be super fit, as in marathon condition (I ran the 2009 last ever Flora London Marathon), ran 50 miles a week, looked after and rode my two horses daily, walked my dog three times a day, oh and worked full time!  I still wasn’t terribly happy with my body, but looking back at photos from my husband and I first ever holiday together, damn my body was flipping amazing!  I can only really see that now, as I look down at my podgy stretch marked covered tummy, and wobbly bingo wings!  My beautiful honed to perfection legs that carried me all that distance are now proper tree trunks!  Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate myself, or my body.  This thing has done amazing things, like give birth to my beautiful son.  I would just like to get back a little of what I had before, not get out of breath on a dog walk, drop a few dress sizes, feel confident shopping for clothes with my skinny friends again!  That kind of thing.  My very good friend Margaret has also inspired me with the crazy amount of exercise she has started doing!

My monthly bibles!
My monthly bibles!

So I tentatively squeezed my ample bosom back into a sports bra and started jogging/running again!  I used to love the thril of running in races, I was never going to win any, but I loved the sense of achievement and of course the medal and goody bag at the end!  With this in mind I did my first 10k four weeks ago.  I not recommending this to anyone as I’m overweight and didn’t do a single run before hand.  I posted my worst ever time of 1hr19min for a 10k, jogged/walked most of it, generally got very hot and felt like I’d run a marathon by the time I got home!  But it was awesome and got me completely hooked on running again!  I’ve always posted times of under an hour for a 10k and therefore I was so nervous I’d be last in this race.  Suprisingly I wasn’t last (bottom twenty I think!) and more excitingly the commerarderie from the runners at the back of the field was just wonderful.  I ran part of the way with a lovely lady who’d done a half marathon the week before and so was a little sore!  And then the last few kilometres with a young lady running for Teenage Cancer Trust.  It was a great experience, and I’d say to anyone with a little more training than I did, go for it!  It’s so much fun!

Since my first tentative race in about three years I’ve completed another 10k and have started running every other day building up to my current 9k each time distance.  It’s only been a few weeks, but combined with reducing portion sizes and trying to avoid very naughty indulgences recently I have started to see the weight coming off.

Ive got a long way to go, ideally I need to loose a further 1 and 1/2 stone before I achieve some semblance of what I used to weigh!  I think since having my son I’ve lost about 1 and 1/2 stone already – mainly through actually giving birth, and starting to be a bit more active and careful with what I eat.  I’m one of those people who cannot starve themselves for terribly long, so crash diets do not work for me.  Hello my name is Natasha and I’m addicted to cake!  No really I am!  So the only way for me to start to get my weight under control and feel confident again is through exericse.  I love running, it makes you lean and strong very quickly, oh and it burns a shed load of calories!

Ive got another three 10ks booked in over the summer, I hope by my next one to be a stone lighter than my first, and for the girls I met running who are doing the next one with me, to be astounded by my new look!   I also hope to get back to running 10k in under an hour, but that is a huge target right now.  I think it’s true, that once you’ve been a runner you always are.  It’s all still in there, hiding behind a layer of podge, but it is still there!

Im off to polish my medals and plan my next run!  It’s all about the running bling baby!  I’ll keep you posted on my running / weight loss journey.  You never know I may see you at a marathon in the future!

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