Facial Brushes – worth it?

Cleansing or facial brushes have been on the market for yonks now.  Even I have owned one previously!  I bought the Boots Number 7 version as soon as it came out, but after a few uses it made my skin increadibly sensitive and a little on the sore side.  As much as I desperately wanted to love it, it ended up in the bin pretty quickly.  To be honest it would have been better at cleaning the grime from shower tiles rather than my peachy skin!  I have toyed with the idea for a while of taking the plunge and parting with £150 for a Clarrisonic, but I’ve never really recovered from the Number 7 version enough to risk parting with that much cash!


However, having saved up a tonne of Boots Advantage Card Points I opted for another go with the Remington Reveal Cleansing Brush (varying in price but currently listed as £71.99, I think I got it for about £60 when on offer).  It’s by no means a Clarrisonic, it is simply a facial brush, but with a few added features and brush attachments.

The blurb goes like this ‘Get ready to show off naturally glowing and beautifully clear skin with the Remington REVEAL Facial Cleansing brush. This advanced beauty tool uses clever cleansing technology to breathe new life into your skin, leaving it feeling healthy, looking beautiful and glowing with radiance. This innovation in skin cleansing is super easy to use and will help you put your best face forward every day of the week.’

The pretty green brush comes with a ‘normal’ brush head, a ‘sensitive’ brush head and a ‘massage’ head, a pretty little travel bag and charger.  So far I’ve only used the massage and sensitive head.  The sensitive brush feature is just right for me right now as we are heading into summer.  I haven’t had any of the horrific extreme exfoliating I had with the Number 7 version!

You basically just dampen your face with water, apply your favourite cleaning gel or cream, and away you go for a minute.  You get a little buzz after every twenty seconds to remind you to move on to a different area, so I concentrate on my T Zone to get a really good clean.  I then rinse the brush and give it a quick clean using a good old Carex antibacterial hand wash.

I really like this brush, and it has become part of my routine.  I use my usual Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and then I move on to using the cleansing brush with a bit of a stronger facial wash, such as the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Facial Wash.  This brush just gives quite a nice gentle exfoliation, and leaves my skin feeling super squeaky clean.  I particularly like using it if I’ve been in London for the day, or if I’ve been wearing a sunscreen.

Bearing in mind it is just a facial cleansing brush, with none of the Clarissonic wizardry, it is a pretty expensive option at full price.  If you can get it discounted, even by £10 I think it’s very much worth the money.  It’s become a staple of my nightime routine, and I wouldn’t be without it now!


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