Two Great Eye Cream Solutions From Kiehl’s

I am hooked on eye creams!  It’s the area of my face that gives away my age more than any other!  I’ve had laughter lines since I was a teenager, which have only got worse, deeper and more obvious as I’ve hit my thirties.  I’m also a sucker for sleeping on my side on a cotton pillow case, so I have tell tale sleep impressions underneath both of my eyes!  Again they’ve only got deeper the more sleeping I’ve done as my life has progressed!

So since an early age I’ve worn eye creams.  I’ve pretty much tried them all!  For the last few years I wouldn’t use anything other than Liz Earle’s Superskin Eye Treament (my review is here).  I’ve made a recent departure from my staple, for no other reason than I ran out, happened to be in Kings Cross with a little time to kill and popped into Kiehl’s for a temporary fix.  I came out with not one but two great products I’m now slightly more permanently hooked on!


First up for use during the day is Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream.  This is £32 for a little pot.  It has lasted me quite some time, and I’m generous with my eye cream application!  This cream is meant to ‘fortify’ the skin to improve elasticity, and therefore, I guess, banish wrinkles!  It’s got a lovely consistency, it’s not heavy or greasy, but it feels like you are actually applying something that sinks in, stays put, and does its job effectively.  It’s not so creamy that your makeup slides off or disappears on application.  This is a great little day eye cream, it’s expensive, but I feel packs a moisturing punch.  Time will tell on whether or not it radically reduces my wrinkles, it certainly hasn’t exaserbated the problem and it definitely makes my under eye area feel smoother.

Next up a product I have tried years and years ago is Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado.  This is £33.50 for a really big pot.  Ok so this is very very definitely a night treatment, and my guess is you will either love it or hate it!  I love it!  It’s a seriously gloopy thick cream, that stays put on the surface of the skin pretty much all night.  It’s slightly odd on application in that it’s so thick it feels quite dry.  I find if my skin is damp at all it doesn’t stick to my eye area, but stays put on my finger tip!  After application it’s quite sticky, so if you sleep on your side it will transfer to your pillow.  I think it can’t be beaten as a night time treatment, it’s super moisturising, gives me a little glow in the morning, and definitely makes my under eye are brighter.  A serious winner for me!


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