Little Drugstore Haul – baby and beauty!

Im just back from a little trip to Boots, a drugstore I’ve half lived in since about the age of thirteen!  I must have spent a fortune in Boots over the years, I love their Advantage Card scheme.  It’s definitely one of the most generous schemes out there, and now we have a baby I’m collecting even more treats all for me!  I’ve managed to save my points for some pretty big purchases, including a pretty darn expensive high chair for the bambino.  Anyhow I digress!

I only popped in this time for some cotton wool pads this time.  Boots do the best little circular ones, and they seem to always be buy one get one half price.  They are generally great for applying toner, removing facial masks, bathing scrapes, cuts and bruises, human and canine alike!  I made sure I topped up on these!


Obviously I then needed to have a little wander and see what else I really needed!  Baby first!

  •  Childs Farm bubble baths – I love these for my little one.  They are relatively good value at about £6.99 for a good sized bottle.  They have absolutely no nastiness in them and are great from newborn upwards.  This one is the Organic Raspberry version, which I haven’t seen before.  They also do a really great version for baby swimmers, our little guy has been swimming since five weeks old, so it’s fantastic to have a baby friendly specific swim wash.
  • I then also spotted the Cussons Mum and Me squidgy soap.  This looks wonderful for bath times, so good I’ve just squirted some out to see what’s it’s like!  It’s white in colour, smells pretty nice, and is great fun!  It comes out like super thick shaving foam, and best of all it bounces!!  Our little one loves his baths, mainly because it’s splash time!  This stuff is designed for little ones to have something fun to do if they are not so keen.  It was on offer and therefore less than £2, so you can go wrong with some squeezy mouldable soap can you?

Then just for little old me!

  • Slightly boring I stocked up on the Dove Maximum Protection Antiperspirant Deodrant.  These cream sticks are really effective and stopping the pong!  Especially when you are exercising.  They work best applied at night.  I got this on offer, but they are usually around the £4 mark.  I really like the Cucumber version – super fresh!
  • A new bath lilly / body polisher in a super cute lime green.  I love these and use them to death!  You know when they’ve totally lost all shape, get a bit floppy – rather like my body at the moment!  Anyway it was time for a new one!
  • Funky nail file £1 – I decided my nails needed some TLC and this was the cheapest nicest looking file I could find in preparation for . . .
  • An Essie binge!  I haven’t really painted my nails for ages so I thought now I’m back at work full time I really should make an effort and make my nails look as pretty as possible.  I used to be hooked on gel nails, so going back to these standard polishes is a bit of a leap of faith as I hate chipping and having to redo my handy work too often.  Anyhow I got the Prep ‘n’ Protect set £12.99 which has a base and top coat, a lovely nude pink called ‘Limo-Scene’ £8.99 and for FREE with purchase a mini version of ‘Sugar Daddy’ – a very girly pink.  Ill let you know how it goes in terms of longevity, but I’m pretty darn pleased with these lovely little nail products!


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