Bleached Hair Don’t Care!

My hair has been literally every colour under the sun since I was about fourteen, and that rinse out red craze hit Just Seventeen and we all jumped on the bandwagon.  That and showering ourselves in a haze of Impulse O2 – remember that?!  I’ve been a bleach blonde for yonks now, I went back to a rich chocolate for my wedding, but I’m now back to blonde, with icy streaks.  I have had my hair professionally highlighted, but I’m at that stage where I hate root regrow and I’ve now just started bleaching my own hair again.  Rather than £100+ at the salon, £6-£7 for a box of the good stuff every few weeks is much more manageable isn’t it?!  I opt for anything with an ‘ash’ in the title to try to neutralise the orange effect.  My hair is naturally chestnut (I think!), so I do struggle with the dreaded orange hue if I’m not super careful.

I spend a fortune, I mean a FORTUNE on hair care for my bleached hair.  I saturate my Barnet in a lot of products to keep the crispiness away and try to retain some semblance of shine and lustre.  I’ve also used silver shampoos to beat the golden Labrador look for yonks, fairly recently there has been an explosion onto the market of shed loads of silver shampoos and conditioners.  It seems pretty much every range now has a ‘silver line’.  My top all time favourites are Lee Stafford and Bleach London. Both are really inky blue and have a definite noticeable effect.  They are actually pretty good shampoos as well, with the emphasis on cleansing, not moisture, so they need to be used with conditioners.  Both are around the £6 mark and are widely available in Boots.


My top products to keep my hair moisturised specifically after a colour are:

Ojon hair mask – I’ve blogged about this little beaut before here it’s expensive, smells like a weird tobacco, chip fat cocktail, but it’s a classic and it’s excellent on parched hair.

Coconut Oil – this stuff, what doesn’t it do?  I saturate my hair at night in this natural wonder.  You obviously have to be a fan of coconut to do this, because you smell, your pillow smells, your hands smell . . . . But it naturally hydrates damaged and dry hair and I flipping love the stuff!  It’s very widely available in health food shops.  I’d say shop around though, you can pick up the virgin, organic stuff for a bargain (£6 for a large jar) or it can cost a small fortune from high end grocery stores.

Pureology Colour Fanatic – it’s about £20+ (again shop around online and you can find discounts) for a long lasting spray.  When I was having my hair professionally highlighted, the bleach and heat they used made my weak hair really corse and incredibly tangled.  Like dreadlock knots, nightmare!  I saturate my hair in this stuff post wash, pre drying and it helps to get rid of the really awful knots.  I spray directly onto the obvious ones and then work my comb through carefully.  I can’t rate this stuff highly enough, it’s really great on knotty hair!

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Hair Mask – £6.99 from Boots.  This is a really great range from the House of Stafford.  I’ll do a complete review of the full range soon as I flipping love this stuff!  The hair mask is up to his usual standards, just with a beachy hit of tropical coconut.  It’s really moisturising, the smell is fabulous, so much so that I could leave it on all day!  Great for parched hair!

Bleach London – Reincarnation Mask – £6 from Boots.  You get a whopping great tube of this stuff for £6!  I tend to use it differently from how they tell you to use it, e.g. I use it after shampooing and therefore instead of a conditioner.  It gets seriously rave reviews from other bloggers, I have to confess I don’t find the fragrance that powerful or particularly great, but the product itself is pretty good.  I’m using up my tube fairly quickly as I’m using a mask at every

Moroccanoil light – full size tres expensive at around £30.  I use this sparingly on the mid lengths and ends of my hair, mainly because it’s so flipping expensive!  I’ve known people say this stuff has transformed their hair, I’m not so sure and I’m still a little on the fence about how good it really is.  No doubt it’s great to tame frizz and give your hair a little moisture boost during the day, but I wouldn’t coat my hair in it to sleep in over night as I’d probably use the whole bottle.  It smells good, but in my humble opinion there are better lotions and potions out there for much less coin.

What products do you use to repair damage caused by colouring?  Has anyone managed to totally transform parched hair with a wonder product I haven’t tried?!


One thought on “Bleached Hair Don’t Care!

  1. I just bought the Moroccanoil treatment myself and I love it but I do agree it is very, very expensive! I need to try the Ojon hair mask, I’ve had my eye on it for years but never actually tried it 🙂 Jay x


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