Is Blogging Just A Euphemism For Chronic Over Sharing?

I’ve been thinking about this an awful lot recently. It’s all out there for everyone to share, stare at in shock, secretly think ‘she said it, but it’s me’. It’s all so relatable, I’ve experienced that, I am that, I do that, I’d like that. Is it so wrong to lay it all out there, for whoever to stumble across. Is there some deep seated reason bloggers need to share their innermost thoughts and feelings, even medical conditions? Who is really reading anyhow?


Can anyone ever really be guilty of sharing too much? When does educating, championing, awareness raising, cross the line into chronic over sharing? I guess I’ve been guilty of sharing personal ‘stuff’ here, quite publicly myself. I’ve talked about recurrent miscarriage on this blog (here), when I’ve not really talked about what I went through with close colleagues, or friends really. I think I wrote that piece to try to address what I went through, maybe even in the hope that if some poor soul was going through the same, and desperately Googling, they may, just may, come across my blog and read about an experience they can share. Maybe even take some hope away from my own story.

Did I write that piece because I’ve got no one to talk to, or because it’s easier to put it down in writing. Did it need saying in the first place? It’s an interesting thought. My best friend is my husband. We talk about everything and anything, and we share a lot! Before I met my husband, my best friend died very suddenly and very shockingly. I still miss her every day, and I know, husband aside, I’ll never have another friend like her. It gets harder and harder to make life long friends as you get older. My best friend had been just that, from school. Maybe, this blog plugs the gap she left in my life, to some extent. It’s somewhere where I can share the serious stuff, but also the lighthearted, girly fun stuff.

I don’t think, on the whole, blogging is about over sharing. I think blogging is a really important medium to share experiences, give a little hope, and yes maybe even create safe, simplistic friendships that help fill a bit of a gap, or truly enrich your life. I’ve noticed that while some bloggers lay an awful lot of their lives out there for sharing, and some pay the price of that (poor ‘ZAlfie and their fans turning up at their house), many do not. Many female bloggers specifically keep their private lives private. Lots of us merrily share photos of ourselves and our children, even details of where we live, but keep our spouses completely out of the Bloggesphere. Ruth Crilly talks about her husband as MrAMR, the wedding photo she shared is only of her for example. I like and respect this balance that many bloggers manage. Yes some bits of your life are an open book, and yes I am a virtual friend, but until you know me personally, I’ll share, but not everything.

Im a blogger, not a chronic over sharer!

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