Hemsley and Hemsley Good + Simple Reviewed


I adore cookery books, I have probably close to a hundred.  I love cooking, and luckily him indoors is an exceptional baker, so we eat well!  I’ve been quite interested in eating ‘raw’ or ‘clean’ eating on and off over the years.  I’m either fanatical about this kind of stuff (I was at university) or I’m happy to shove twenty chicken nuggets down my neck!  Clean eating is nothing new and I’m sure the current trend will be replaced by something else in the near future, maybe we will all go back to juicing in 2017?!  Or heaven forbid the 5:2.  One of the happy outcomes of the current trend are some really lovely cookery books.  My current go to is Hemsley and Hemsley.

You will probably have seen these beautiful sisters on their Channel 4 show if you live in the UK.  That’s where I saw them first.  Yes they are horribly trendy and hang out with rock stars and super models, and yes they are improbably skinny for girls that like to cook, but their recipes are ‘doable’, impressive, innovative and delicious!

Thr book is a pleasure to flick through, the photographs make you salivate and want ‘spicy coconut kale crisps’ at 10pm at night as you flick through!  I’ve made quite a few things from this book, and it’s made me think slightly differently about what I cook with.  I’m a total convert to cooking with coconut oil, it gives lots of things a slightly unusual, sweet taste.  For example parsnip chips with a dash of smokey paprika baked in coconut oil are beyond scrumptious!  And a huge hit at Summer BBQs (they will feature at my son’s upcoming first birthday party!).

In terms of baking, my favourite are the lemon and cranberry biscotti.  They are time consuming to make, lots of cooling and waiting and very delicate cutting.  The taste is really unusual with a ground almond texture and hints of coconut.  I’ve made my own variation here, substituting the cranberries and lemon for orange and dark chocolate!

Hey let’s be honest this girl is never ever going to make corgetti, or eat gazpacho with any semblance of pleasure!  That doesn’t however mean this book isn’t for me.  I love quite a few of the recipes and they translate well to cooking and baking for a family.  Yes I did spend £6 on a tiny bag of coconut flour to make the biscotti, and yes I think that is ridiculous and beyond my means normally, and no I don’t subscribe to half the world suddenly being gluten intolerant, but boy these taste good!

If your a fan of subscribing to a trend, or even if you actually just enjoy cooking and exploring new flavours, this book is an excellent addition to a collection.


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