Soap and Glory Skin Care

I have been all over the place with my skin care lately.  I’ve ditched my ‘traditional’ tried and tested Liz Earle routine to some extent.  Im still an advocate of Cleanse and Polish, and I use variations every single night (Im still using up some limieted editions right now).  But the moisturisers havent really worked for me for some time.  I’ve found the Superskin line too oily lately, and the Superskin eye treatment I havent actually repurchased in about ten months.  Ive had dalliances with Body Shop and Lancome.  Right now Im still using up the Body Shop Aloe Vera Eye Cream – I wont be repurchasing, because I dont think its doing anything amazing.  Ive got a couple of things to try in my cupboard of tricks on that front!

In terms of day and night moisturisers I have had a little epiphany with Soap and Glory.  Ive never really seen the fuss with this brand, I thought they were all about body creams – so a bit meh, for my old self!  My new self flipping loves body scrubs and body creams and my absolutely go to brand is Soap and Glory.  I love all of their body care ranges, especially Breakfast Scrub – divine!  Ive now ventured into their skincare lines and Im hugely impressed!


I started out with Speed Plump Night (£14 for a large jar).  This is a little odd as its a mousse consistency, but dont let this fool you!  Yes its very light on application, but it packs a punch.  The fragrance is super fruity and extremely pleasant to go to sleep with.  Its absolutely fabulous on dehydrated skin, so if you’ve over done it in the sun, you need this to help repair at night.  I love this stuff!  Ive been religiously using this for over a month now, and I still have a good half a tub left.

Speed Plump Day (£13) is a more lotion like version of the night cream.  It has the same divine scent as the night mousse, but its actually a bit heavier for day wear.  I find its incredible at supporting my skin on dry days, or when Im out and about a lot in the sunshine.  Its a little oilier than Id like, as in my skin looks pretty dewy on application and I definitely need some help to beat the shine after using it.  But this is a fabulous anti-aging treat for my skin.  No sensitivity or breakouts having now used this for a couple of weeks.  Its such a bargain price wise, I may have a new favourite!

The day moisturiser doesnt have an SPF in (bad – thumbs down) so I have been using ‘Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid SPF50+’ over the top of Speed Plump.  This is a lovely SPF, it doesnt clog my skin, or coat it so that it cant breathe.  It hasnt led to any breakouts like some SPFs do.  Its actually very light and a pleasure to use.  Its expensive at £15 for the tiny tube, but you need hardly any over the top of your moiusturiser.  Id highly recommend this if you’ve ever had a bad experience with a similar product.  Its light and easy to use.

Which are your favorite Soap and Glory products?  I love the No Clogs Allowed mask as well, maybe Ill try an eye cream in the near future . . .


3 thoughts on “Soap and Glory Skin Care

  1. I love all soap and glory products, I didn’t know they did a cleanser till somebody brought me it. An I do love it I wouldn’t see it’s great for taken make up off, I think it’s good for in the morning


    1. They are pretty great! Which cleanser is that! Is it the blue one with little pink beads in? I’ve used that one, and agree it’s very morning appropriate, but not good with the proper evening routine in mind!


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