CountryFile Live 2016 – A family day out

Yesterday was day one of the much anticipated Countryfile Live 2016.  The show is being held at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire over the next three days.  It’s billed as a great day out for the whole family to experience the working countryside up close and personal.

Ok so it’s the first year this ‘country’ show has been run and there have been some major logistical issues with the event so far.  Ticketing was a bit of a disaster and the traffic was horrendous.  If you are visiting the show over the weekend, then please allow a serious amount of extra travel time!  The last few miles to the show ground, and parking once you are there, takes well over an hour and half – I’m not joking!  There are very few marshals and only two entry gates in operation for thousands of cars.  It also makes no difference whether you pre purchase you parking – it’s the same queue for both!  If anyone from the events team ever reads this – if you are going to run this show again then please get your house in order!  Blenheim run events all the time, maybe have a chat with them about how they do it next time!

Anyhow whinge over, and I won’t mention the monumental queuing to get out at the end of the day!  Here are a selection of photos and our show highlights!


  • Handling chicks in the farm area.  In fact this whole zone was utterly brilliant, there was so much to do and see, especially for little people
  • The mounted pony games
  • All the dogs, and especially the Bassett Hounds on the Countryside Alliance Stand
  • The honeybees – great tent, live demos and actual bees!
  • The Woodland Trust picnic area – fabulous quiet place for a coffee and a rest / shelter from the rain
  • The flapjacks in the food heros tent
  • Brian Turner doing his chef thing!

It was a nice day out, not exceptional, but quite pleasant!  If you are really into your agricultural shows (e.g. Great Yorkshire Show etc.) you will find this show too commercial.  If however, you are keen on teaching your family about where food really comes from, this is a great opportunity.

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