Our top picks for baby books

Reading to your child, no matter their age, is a gift.  Think of all the places in the world where books are scarce, where people do not have access to the education that enables them to read.  Think of how the world has opened up to you, all because you have the gift of being able to read.

Our little boy is eleven months old, from three months he knew how, and could just about turn the pages of a soft book.  Its such a special moment for the two of us to curl up in our armchair and read a baby book together.  So much so that ‘The Gruffalo’ will be featuring at our little guy’s first birthday party!


Here are a few of our favorite picks currently.  They are all widely available from Amazon, bookshops etc.  Baby books tend to be around the £5-£6 mark,  My exception here is Dino Block which I bought from the British Library and cost £10.99

That’s Not My Cow – the ‘That’s No My . . .’ franchise is widely recognised.  Our favorite right now is the cow version.  The books are all fairly formulaic and repetitive – exactly what a baby requires to learn.  You go through each page, understanding that the cow you are looking at is not yours because some part of them doesn’t ‘feel’ right.  These books are great for visual stimulus as well as touch.  I like that this one starts with a nose thats too rough!  We like anything farmyardy at the moment so this book is great.  Im hoping we dont grow out of these too soon as there seem to be hundreds in the series!  Its a board book.

Baby BookLit – Frankenstein – these books are fiendishly clever.  They are very basic, literally a word on each page to give you a recognisable sense of a classic piece of literature.  We do actually have quite a few of these.  The Hound of the Baskervilles is one of our favorites as well – so much so it has baby teeth marks in it!  This one also handily plants the seed to teach basic anatomy as well.  Frankenstein guides you through Frankenstein’s anatomy.  Its sounds high brow, and it kind of is, but its actually an ingenious little idea that our little boy adores!  Its a board book.

The Slightly Annoying Elephant – David Walliams.  I picked this up in Tescos on our way down south as Id forgotten to pack any books.  This board book is a really quite sweet ‘consequences’ type story.  Be careful what you sign up for and read the small print, otherwise you could end up with a slightly annoying elephant!  Its a great book, full of bright illustrations.  Unlike the books mentioned so far its also a proper full story, so great for bedtimes.

Zog – Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler – no baby book post would be complete without an offering from the children’s story dream team!  Zog is one of our absolute favourites, its so brightly coloured, funny and heartwarming.  Its aimed at older children, but our little boy loves these books.  We love the lyrical nature of the text, and often find the sayings coming into our own everyday conversations!  Now that you’ve been shown, you can practice on your own . . .

Dino Block – Christopher Franceschelli – as Ive mentioned I picked this up in the children’s section at the British Library gift shop.  I travel into Kings Cross quite a bit and very often find myself in the British Library.  This is a board book, so perfect for little hands.  Each page is a key feature of a dinosaur and the next is the name of that dinosaur and its phonetic name.  Im pretty sure to get the full benefit, it would be aimed at dinosaur mad three / four year olds.  Some of the dinosaurs I hadnt heard of, so we are both learning!  The illustrations are bold and clear, its a very enjoyable picture book, and one Im sure will be around for a while.  The only downside is its literally a block – its seriously bulky!

I may make this a regular post, I love these book so much!  What are your favourite?



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