Family Holiday Part One – The Mummy Prep!

We have taken our little one on holiday before.  In fact his first holiday was a seven weeks to Anglesey (just off Newborough beach), one of our favourite places on earth.  He has been on lots of day trips, and a weekend away on a boat to Cowes.  Now at just approaching twelve months we are embarking on our first proper holiday, flying out for a late summer holiday to Zakynthos in Greece.  We have chosen to go towards the end of the season because its cheaper and quieter, and we are hoping not quite so hot.  We are off on a longer haul family break to the States in December, so this is also quite a good excuse to try out flying a shorter distance.  Anyhow my thoughts are turning to the prep that is needed for a holiday.  Gone are the days of waxing, tanning and procrastinating over what tiny bikini to pack.  Now its much more along the lines of baggage allowances for babies, buying a cheap pushchair, how many sunhats does a small person need, swim nappies and how to keep a one year old happy on plane.

In terms of me, Im now slightly more concerned with wearing pool attire that hides stretch marks (yes thats still going on!), and wearing cool, vaguely fashionable clothing that hides the wobble!  A tan would be nice, but not if it means showing my cellulite ridden thighs!

We all know there is no safe tan unless it comes from a bottle, so Ive been using my much loved St Tropez gradual build moisturising lotion in light to medium for a while now.  I find this is still the best, its been around for ages, and its still the only one that you cant really go wrong with!  Ive been appliyng using a tan mitt (revolutionary to me, but old school to everyone else!) just to my legs to build up a natrual looking tan.  For the last few weeks before my holiday Ill be applying more liberally to my pasty body!  Ill be using the spray version to reach those hard to reach spots!

Ive been exfoliating and moistrusing my tired and flabby body with lovely treats from Soap and Glory.  My favourite things are the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub and Smoothie Star Butter Cream.  Both are about £10 each, well worth it in my humble opinion.  The fragrance is just lovely, brown sugar, vanilla and all things sweet.  Im also partial to the matching body spray (£4 bargain!).  I have eczema on my upper arms, so my skin is pretty dry.  Both products work really well together to sort out any dry patches and leave my skin much more comfortable.  Im going to leave the exfoliator at home for the week we are away and spend some time, hopefully on the beach being exfoliated by sand and sea!

Feet!  My feet are a rather sorry affair and sadly holidays mean showing off your tootsies rather a lot.  Im using my much loved MicroPedi (review is here) and Im also covering my feet, post shower / exfoliate in Soap and Glory’s Heel Genius (£5.50).  Its a wonderful foot moisturiser / mask that I use at night under some spa socks.  I wake in the morning with seriously pampered feet, that are lovely and soft.  Ill also be digging out a nail polish from last year that is super summery and beachy.  Im going for Liz Earle’s signature colour (my reivew is here).  Im not sure this colour is available any more, sorry!

My hair, Ill be taking my usual serious wardrobe of hair masks, lotions and potions with me!  A relatively new find, and a bargain product is Garnier Ultimate Blends Nourishing Repairer Balm (less than £5 from Boots).  I usually shy away from cheaper drug store hair products as I worry they have lots of plastics in them that mask problems and dont fix them.  This mask, although heavy is just lovely for my damaged, coloured tangly hair.  It makes my hair super soft and much more manageable – a real holiday treat!

Well thats me in a nutshell!  What about the young man though . . . he will need much more that me with no baggage allowance!  Any tips on things I really need for a baby on holiday?

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