‘Healthy’ Snacks for the small person and I

The small person and I are on the go quite a bit at the moment.  Im very lucky in that while I work full time, I do condensed hours to enable me to have a day a week at home with him.  I try to use this day to do something totally baby focused, a farm trip, a zoo trip that kind of thing.  I try to avoid catching up on grocery shopping or housework too much, but instead spend some quality time as just the two of us.  As a family we also try to focus our weekends around our soon to be one year old, we go to baby swimming, and this weekend we start baby gymnastics (do not ask me, I have no idea but Im hoping the bottom shuffle is classed as an advanced move for a certain person!).  The weather is still pretty great so lunch on the move isn’t really a problem, picnics are easy as is sharing a meal in a restaurant.  Our big thing is apres milk nom noms!image

My preference would always be fruit.  Again we are really lucky our baby adores fruit, a fresh slice of mango, a few raspberries and strawberries or an entire banana work really well.  Unfortunately everything but the banana is pretty messy!  We really encourage self feeding, but with that comes the food on the floor (= very happy dogs), raspberry stains on the white baby-grows, and porridge in the hair!  When we are in a need to keep vaguely clean /  hurry situation we do turn to ‘processed’ and ‘packaged’ snack goodies.  The ones we have found are also useful as snacks for us as an entire family, albeit that is a little naughty on our part!  We try to go for things that are not really processed or are vaguely natural.

Current favourites are the Kiddylicious ‘apple crisps’ and ‘banana bites’.  These are tiny little packets that count as one of your five a day (I think about 60p from Tescos).  There really isnt anything nasty in these, and they are really good for little fingers.  They are for twevle months plus, but I think because they are quite firm in texture they seem to work well for our eleven month old.  Any parent worried about choking on this kind of thing – and I count myself as one of those parents, its really important to know your child first aid.  Babies can choke on breast milk for example, if you are at all worried about knowing what to do in one of those situations get yourself on a baby and child first aid course.  My review of the Red Cross one I went on is here.

We also flipping adore the Organix snacks! These are really too good, especially if you like rice cakes or puff type snacks.  Our favourite (probably more like mine) are the banana rice cakes, and the carrot and tomato rice cakes.  We also really like the ‘Goodies’ farm animal biscuits also from Organix.  These are more like and after dinner treat, and are helped down by making the noise of the animal they depict!

Im really interested to see how other parents feel about these ‘pre’prepared snacks.  As I have been writing this I think well why on earth dont you just buy more bananas then?!  But actually I dont see anything wrong in these snacks.  No Im not saying that home cooked, or food straight from the ground wouldn’t be better, but for the purpose we use these for, I am happy.

2 thoughts on “‘Healthy’ Snacks for the small person and I

  1. I use the organix bags for Oscar a LOT! With his milk allergy it’s one of the only brands we can buy that won’t have milk in. A banana is also a favourite snack of his and I totally agree we should count our blessings that our little ones like fruit!! I don’t see a problem with these pre packed snacks, but I do buy a lot of small sandwich boxes and take grapes and slices of fruit etc away with us and these little wafer things- http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=286671562 are amazing!

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