Two little bargain products to make your skin glow!

image.jpegBoots Botanics range has been around for donkeys, a few packaging changes later and its still available really widely in UK branches.  It always been sold as plant based, but its now got an even more ‘natural’ branding, along with some co-development with Kew Gardens and the added bonus of some organic features.  I think I have used this range on and off for a seriously long time.  I came back to the range, in part due to it being incredibly good value, and in part to other bloggers picking up on it again.

Two products that really stand out for me, and are pocket money gold at the moment are the Purifying Facial Scrub and All Bright Radiance Balm.

The Facial Scrub I picked up for £1.99 (yes no joke!  Its usually £3.99 but is an offer, either way its a total bargain!).  The scrub is a cream based exfoliator with the exfoliating action coming from walnut shell and crushed apricot seeds.  Now we all know we shouldn’t be using any exfoliating product that contains those nasty little plastic bead things anymore dont we?  If you dont you need to read this and also by the by tut tut!!  Its scary stuff and basically best avoided!  Plus if you can buy a natural exfoliator like this one for a couple of pounds then there is no excuse!  Ok so its not as gentle as the rounded plastic bead creations, but hey its also not going to contribute to ‘plastic soup’!  This exfoliator leaves my skin increadibly smooth, I do use carefully as the grains are coarse.  My skin feels squeaky clean the morning after use as well, and it does not seem to strip my skin to the point where it feels dry, maybe that has something to do with the cream formula.

The All Bright Radiance Balm (£2.99 on offer or £5.99 full price) is a little ray of sunshine in a tube!  Its meant to ‘minimise visible signs of fatigue and stress, leaving skin full of vitality.’  To you and me that means this little peachy balm smoothes out your skin tone very subtly and adds in a little dewy glow (very very very subtle sparkly bits and pieces).  I have applied post moisturiser and left it with nothing else on a no make up day and then pre foundation on a full make up day.  It was a nice primer, not perfect, but worked quite well.  Where it really excelled was on my no makeup day.  Yes this girl does very periodically leave the house with not even a dab of powder!  I do think its important to give your skin a little rest from time to time, but this stuff helped me feel not so bag lady like!

Overall these are little winners of products!  Even at full price they are a complete steal, they work really exceptionally well, and of course they are full of all the organic good stuff we are all hooked on for our super shiny visages!


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