Baby Holiday Essentials


So we are off on our first little trip on a plane to a Greek island as three very soon!  I’m filled with excitement, I adore travel and holidays, plus a tiny tinge of worry over traveling with an only just turned one year old!  I’m worried about the usual things I suppose, taking enough milk, keeping a baby entertained on a plane journey, hoping his little ears are ok with the pressure, making sure he has enough to eat etc etc etc.

To take some of the worry out I’m being ridiculously prepared and trying to get us all organised well in advance.  While I make sure I have time to buff and tan, I’m also keeping endless lists, and constantly thinking of things that will make our trip easier and smoother.

For the small person there are some obvious essentials.  Medicine wise I’m taking Calpol sachets and Snuffle Babe.  I’m not sure Calpol does too much other than deliver a reassuring drop of something that tastes sweet.  However it seems to soothe our little one through dreaded teething, so I’m taking some in case of more teeth appearing, or ear infections from swimming etc etc!  I’m also taking Snuffle Babe as our little one tends to get snotty rather than having full blown colds.  I’m hoping this will help him breathe more easily if some lurgy strikes.  It’s like a toned down version of knock your head of Vicks Vapour Rub!

The Greek Islands are beautiful, the people lovely, food amazing, beaches stunning, the only downside is the evening plague of mosquitos.  In addition to a plug in thing for our room at night I’ve picked up some child friendly Jungle Formular and the new After Bite for Kids.  There is nothing worse than flipping mosquito bites, well maybe paper cuts, so I’m taking no chances with the small person!  It’s fabulous that these child friendly versions of the old classics are now available.

Im also taking along our much trusted Child’s Farm bubble bath.  These formulars are so mild we tend to use them for hair washing and as shower gels etc.  I’m taking a full size with us so that we can all use it.  Our little one has excema on the back on one leg (I wonder how common this is, to just get one tiny patch somewhere obscure?!), and I find Child’s Farm products don’t irritate his skin, but smell absolutely delightful.  I think we have pretty much everything in their range, including their sun creams and nappy creams.  I highly recommend their strawberry and mint conditioner.  Our little one doesn’t exactly need conditioner, but it smells so amazing we use it on his wisps of hair anyway!

So what am I missing?  Well I’m taking a shed load of sun creams for us all, baby sun hats, swimming trunks and a cover up T shirt for when he is in the pool, his favourite blanket, baby ear plugs for the pressure on takeoff and landing, the usual stuff like swim nappies, nappies, entertainment for the airport and plane!

Any tips or shared stories from first trips on holiday with a small person gratefully received!

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