Fleur de Force – The Luxe Life Book Review

Fleur de Force is an incredibly well known and much admired beauty and lifestyle blogger / vlogger.  She has been at the old You Tube game for ages and ages – one of the ‘originals’ I suppose you could say!  Ive been a bit of an interested observer for a while, I have to be honest she is not my favourite (hey I dont even feature on her radar so who am I to talk?!), but I do admire her and the empire she has created.  She is a more sophisticated offering from the world of blogging / vlogging in terms of the people that have seriously made it in this world.

The Luxe Life is her second book and as Fleur says herself ‘This is my ultimate bible for busy girls who are ready to take the next step in their journey to The Luxe Life’.  I have to confess I was seduced by W H Smith offering a signed copy of this new offering for less than £10, and so I ordered my copy.  I have not read Fleur’s other book.

So this is a guide for young women on everything from wearing high heels, to fashion, to braiding your hair, to cocktails.  Aesthetically its a nice book.  If you are a super fan there are a lot of very flattering photos of the beautiful Fleur, and she does write from personal experience, sharing some personal anecdotes.  Some of the makeup / skin care stuff is just obviously shameless self promotion tinged with recommendations for products whose price tags are clearly out of reach of Fleur’s relatively young audience.  I find this issue about these ‘celebrity’ bloggers / You Tubbers actively promoting themselves to very young audiences while extolling the virtues of £40 eye creams, or £50 shampoos frankly bizarre.  To be fiar to Fleur, her audience is older, but not that much!  The hair section was quite fun and I even tried out a milkmaid braid myself – yes I even wore it outside of the house without feeling too much like a plonker!

My absolute favourite parts of this book were more centred around ‘Luxe at Home’ and party food!  Who knew candles had a ‘burn memory’ and therefore that is why all my wonky Jo Malone’s last half the advertised time!  The recipes also look to be pretty inspired and there are some great ideas for cocktail / party nibbles I will indeed by trying out.  I will be making the watermelon and feta skewers and gnocchi bites for a summer BBQ very soon.

Fleur is obviously a real creative.  The book has lots of ideas for very sweet DIY projects, like a rope hanging self and homemade wrapping papers.  I am not really into this kind of thing I am actually very sorry to say.  I do not really like a homemade, quirky look on anything in particular, apart from the ‘art’ my son creates!  If this kind of vintagey / homemadey stuff piques your interest there are some lovely tips, and the finished results do look inspired.

Ultimately I do really enjoy reading these ‘make your life better by following my ever so pretty tips and suggestions’ kind of books.  I do have a few, and I do love an inspired, slightly unusual recipe for a dinner party or get together.  This book is beautifully laid out and illustrated, peppered with adorable photos of the leading lady herself.  Yes it will take you all of about an hour to read cover to cover, but like me, you probably will dip back in and out in the future.  It would make a lovely gift for a girlfriend or sister anywhere over eighteen I would think.  A nice cosy read, with some nice ideas, I would recommend.

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