Loreal Pure Clay Masks – Review

imageMy goodness the hype surrounding these masks, the sell out in record time, the can’t get the charcoal detox one for love nor money!  This may be something to do with clever stock control, or that they have been a tiny £5 each for some time in Boots.  So anything that is new and shiny, and a bit converted I obviously want as well, so I snapped up the black one (Detox) and the green one (Purity) a little while back. Ive been using them, interchangeably and wanted to use them for a few weeks before giving an honest opinion.

First up my favourite by far is the Purity Mask.  What it says on the box is that it’s a blend of three ‘super’ clays – Koalin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul.  Basically to you and me some nice clays that draw out the gunk, clarify and freshen.  They do good things!  This one also has a healthy dose of eucalyptus (which you know I flipping love!).   It’s a super creamy mask, which makes it very easy to apply.  It’s so creamy, you think this can’t possibly be a clay based mask, but about ten minutes later it’s rock hard!  As in hot water and a cloth and a bit of scrubbing to get the stuff off!

My skin, post use was exfoliated (thanks to the hot water / scrub to get the mask off), super squeaky clean and my pores were definitely not full of rubbish any longer!  I love this mask, and it’s a total flipping bargain at £5 to boot!  I do have relatively sensitive skin, and had no problem  with this one at all.  Yes my skin was pink post application for about twenty minutes, but it would be with any treatment!

The Detox mask is exactly the same formulation with the exception of the addition of charcoal.  Charcoal was all over the show a few years back, so it’s nice to see it included here.  Again the texture is creamy, the scent is muddy, and it sets rock hard, slightly strange colour within about ten minutes.  I really liked using this one as well, it’s a more traditional clay based mask.  Again my skin was squeaky clean, and my pores were definitely reduced post use.  You definitely need a moisturiser after using this one though!  My skin was dried out, but for us oily types this is excellent!

Lots of people say these masks are messy to use, well duh they are masks!  Your cloth will be black if you use one to clean the mask off – hey that’s what 60 degree washes were invented for right?!  They are drying, but then again they are proper old school clay based masks.  I didn’t pick up the pink version (Glow) as I understand that has micro grannuals or something exfoliating in.  To be honest I hate that type of mask, it’s either a smooth clay for me or a cream or nothing!

Overall for £5 if you love a clay mask you will love these.  My favourite is the Purity version for the addition of ecalyptus!

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