I Will Love You Anyway – an Inkpen new classic reviewed

I can’t even begin to describe what a find this beautiful book is!  It was published in 2015, so it’s relatively new, but my goodness I can see these books becoming collectors classics very quickly.  It’s written by the creator of the Kipper books Mick Inkpen and illustrated by Chloe Inkpen.

I picked it up from the British Library gift shop while I had ten minutes to kill before my train left from Kings Cross.  Ok so confession, I picked it up because the dog on the cover is my terrier’s doppelgänger!  I flicked through while I was in the shop and also realised this little chap is actually as naughty and bad as my terrier!  My baby and our terrier – Mushroom, have such a sweet relationship, yes Mushroom is a rescue dog that no one else wanted, he runs away, barks at everyone and everything, hates the postman, the builders, cats, runners and particularly cyclists, and yes my husband (half jokingly) threatens to get rid of him on a daily basis, but now it’s two against one!  Mushroom will very often sit with our son on the floor, having his tail pulled, bottom thumped and eyes poked, but he absolutely doesn’t care.  He and my son adore each other, it’s such a lovely friendship.

Anyhow I digress, this book is just beautiful.  It’s about the love shared between an increadibly naughty dog and his boy owner, the only one fighting to keep him.

As children’s books so often are, it’s heartbreaking, heartwarming, and funny in equal measure.  It reads aloud absolutely beautifully, we do loud, and quiet voices.  Our saddest bit, and our quietest is ‘And I am sad, That you are sad, You shake your head, and we are sad’.  I’m getting teary eyed just writing now!

I Will Love You Anyway is a beautifully written, lyrical book, with delightful illustrations.  It’s an absolute must for anyone with a scruffy rescue terrier, and for illustrating that amazing relationship and bond between boy and dog.  This is the book I would pass on to the next generation, I love it to pieces!

I paid £6.99 for my copy at the British Librbary in London.

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