Two little bargain beauty treats!


Who doesn’t love a jolly good bargain?  And you can’t really go wrong with a face mask for under £2 (say what?!) and a cleanser for also under £2!

Garnier have completely out done themselves with their mini version of their Micellar water.  Ok so it’s a little irritating that at 125ml, it’s 25ml too big to take on a plane – but hey it’s pretty darned perfect for taking on your hols, and it will last you an entire week.  It’s quite effective, ok so it’s not one sweep to shift eye makeup, you need a little bit of scrubbing to get mascara off!  It’s fantastic for taking off foundation in one go, and it’s super gentle.  It’s completely fragrance free, and literally just looks like water, but it really does work.  It’s fabulous for taking off makeup before falling into bed early, or for a quick perk me up during the day on tired, stressed skin.  It’s a huge hit for me, and at only £1.99 you can’t really do wrong can you?

Next up the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask(£1.50 but currently on offer in Boots for 99p – ridiculous).  This is one of those oh so fashionable sheet masks, apply, use once,  relax, then throw away.  I’m not usually a huge fan of moisture masks, I prefer clay based versions, but this is actually pretty darn good. So it’s a whopping great sticky sheet with little holes for your eyes, nose and mouth.  You apply, sit back and let your skin absorb the serum, then discard after 15 minutes.  I had to tissue off the excess serum, but it did leave my skin really brightened and obviously very moisturised.  The amount of product on the sheet is phenomenal – you could probably wring it out and get a whole tube of serum!

Some people find these masks claustrophobic, and as a manic claustrophobic myself I can report I didn’t really have a problem with this one at all.  It’s meant to be so potent you only use it on a monthly basis, and I can see why!  I’ll be stocking up to take a few on my hols in case I get stuck in the sun a little too long.


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