My baby smells of strawberries – or my love of Child’s Farm products!

imageYou know a product is good when you buy the biggest size you possibly can of it!  This happened to us this week when I spyed the 500ml versions of Child’s Farm strawberry and organic mint shampoo and conditioner (£6.99 widely available in Boots and online).

I really enjoy using Child’s Farm products on our little one, the conditioner is the Daddy’O of baby and child conditioners.  Yes yes I have a little boy, but I love his hair to smell of the strawberry conditioner, it makes his hair super soft and fluffy (we are still pre first hair cut), and it’s so lovely having a cuddle with him after his bath before he goes to bed, when he is all sleepy and fragrant!

So confession time we have tried pretty much all the Child Farm products now, we have the moisturisers, the nappy cream he takes with him to nursery, and pretty much every bath product they do.  By the by the green topped three in one wash for swimming is fabulous, especially as our little one swims at least once a week.  I remember a time when all we had was Wash ‘n’ Go for swimming – remember that stuff?  I wonder if they still do it?!

Ive swapped the much more expensive stuff we used to use when he was first born for a bit of a Child’s Farm hoard!  I actually didn’t photograph all the products we own from this brand, as it looks like I have a bit of an obsessive compulsive problem when it comes to baby beauty!

Our little boy has perfect skin, obviously, he is entirely perfect!  But he does have a little itchy patch of excema on the back of one leg (he has developed a truly awesome skill of itching one leg with a foot while he is having his nappy changed – contortionist much?!).  While we do have something prescribed to help with it, I have to say the bubble baths and shower gels in this range certainly do it no harm, so I would say they are also pretty good for sensitive skin.

Id highly recommend all the prodcuts, and even if you don’t have a small person, but maybe like your hair to smell amazing all day long, I would seriously recommend the strawberry conditioner – it’s stunning!

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