Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse

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This is some serious thirty plus skin care here!  I  bought this combo on my latest hunt for an alternative to my usual staples of various combinations of Liz Earle.  Im in that in between stage where my skin is still really oily, but I feel that I need something quite grown up and more mositurising to help with the old anti aging fun.  I like and know French brand Nuxe mainly for their multi use body, hair and face oils which smell divine.

I bought my new moisturiser and eye cream when they were in offer in boots a while back, otherwise they are pretty pricey for a drug store brand (they are much cheaper if you happen to be in a French pharmacy any time soon).

The day cream (£21 from Boots) is great for my inbetween skin, in that it doesnt make the oily situation worse, but I feel sorts out the dry patches and leaves my skin feeling looked after.  The fragrance of both products is the biggest selling point for me, they smell divine, without upsetting my sensitive skin.  This cream is packed with lots of lovely ingredients while being paraben free – 89.3% of its contents are from natural origin.  This is a definite repurchase for me – give it a go if you have a more mature oily skin type.

The eye cream is in a cute little pump which I prefer as it gives you just the right amount to do both eyes (£17 from Boots).  Again it smells really fragrant, but its extremely gentle.  Its quite a light fluid, and it doesnt interfere with makeup application (you can apply foundation and concealer on top without it going gloopy and collecting at the side of your face!).

Both products work really well for me, and I may just have found my regime for the next few years.  Ive been using both for two months, so they do last really well.  Lets see how they cope through an English winter!