7th Heaven Soften Glove Masque and Soften Sock Masque – Reviewed!

image.jpegI received these two little sachets of loveliness in my regular You Beauty Box Subscription (which by the by is the absolute best beauty subscription box on the market – top for value and contents).  The idea behind these products is you pop them on clean skin for 15 or so minutes, relax, then remove, massage in the remaining product and tadah your tootsies and mitts are beautifully transformed into softened magic!

So I obviously did something slightly different with mine!  I popped them on overnight, securing with my usual cotton spa gloves and socks, and slept with them on until about 5am when it all got a bit too much and I took them all off.  The actual masks are thin plastic like socks and gloves, they are pretty big, so even the largest feet and hands should fit!  Be warned, it’s a pretty cold substance when you apply!  And it feels a little unpleasant at first, like a cold watery gel!  Post use, my very dry hands feel wonderful, my feet are hard work, so even a slight improvement is very welcome.  The scent of the masks is very pleasant.

Both masks are meant to be packed with super moisturising ingredients that are natural, cruelty free and paraben free.  The glove masks contain soybean, pressed roses and shea nuts, while the socks contain peppermint instead of the roses.

I enjoyed using these products, with a very tiny grumble that the product didn’t sink in so well after I had removed the socks and gloves.

Both are available for £2.99 from Asda and Ocado for single use masks – I’d say it’s an interesting product, give it a go if you suffer from very dry hands and feet