If I can do it – you can do it!

If I can do it – you can do it!

Sunday just gone saw the husband and I hobble our way round the ten mile glory that is Southsea and Portsmouth’s Great South Run! Having started the year off quite well with quite a few 10ks under my belt, and getting my body slightly back on track with some weight loss, I subsequently got a stress fracture in my shin bone and had a bit of a lay off, which ended up being a ‘can’t be bothered, rather eat chocolate’ marathon all of its own. So we jogged / fast walked the Great South Run with not a single attempt at any training made between us in a not bad 2.12hrs.

I’m not going to tell you we did it all in a blaze of glory, and that it was so so much fun! The husband became very quiet at about mile seven, and at the Bupa boost zone our only consolation was a binge of epic proportions on the free Jelly Babies! Our knees, shins, and old bones started to ache, and although we crossed the finish line smiling and with a little sprightly jog, it was more from sweet relief than from any physical prowess!

We hobbled the mile back to my Aunt and Uncle’s house as the pain really set in, and each footstep sent strange new aches up my legs! It only got worse, post showers as we vegetated on the sofa in the evening, stiffening with every well earned piece of post run chocolate. It’s now Wednesday and I’ve managed a three mile run this morning, mainly helped by the crazed terrier pulling me up the hills!

I’m still stiff, bits of me still hurt, I’m still too fat to run properly, but my goodness that medal on Sunday felt good! We didn’t run the whole thing, we ran the first three miles, then walked / jogged the rest.

I should mention here my beaming pride in the husband. He has very recently been diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis, which he now has to take horrible medication for. He has lived with this for years, sometimes hobbling out of bed in the morning, clearly very much in pain. Both his knees are effected, and clearly limit what he is able to do comfortably, but even in pain, and with arthritis he made it round the Great South run!

We ran this weekend in support of Arthritis Research UK, a brilliant charity that provides information and advice to sufferers, while looking for better medical treatments, and perhaps one day a cure. We are still collecting money via http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/Tashandrich16 if you happen to have a few pennies spare that would be amazing.

Hey the real message here is, if I can do it, you can do it! A ten miler is almost halfway to a marathon, and if this old body can be dragged round, anyone’s can! image