Goodnight Spaceman – Book Review

Goodnight Spaceman – Book Review

Our friends at Social Book Co sent the small person and I a copy of Michelle Robinson and Nick East’s lovely bedtime story book ‘Goodnight Spaceman’ for a little review.  The book comes with a CD reading of the story narrated by our national hero British astronaut Tim Peake.

Ok so confession time, not only do we adore children’s books in this household right now, but we are all a flutter with space related excitement as we are off to Florida for our December getaway and have managed to time our holiday perfectly to coincide with a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral.  So this book is such a welcome addition to our bedtime reading and our holiday preparation.

The book itself is a sweet rhyming story featuring two little boys taking a wonderful journey to space to see their dad on his rocket ship.  We say goodnight to planets on our journey before very sweetly saying goodnight to dad, safe in the knowledge he is safe light years away and will be home soon.

We have read this book over and over again, and our fourteen month old loves it.  Its super short and beautifully illustrated, there are so many things to look at and point out on each page.  It would be great to help small people practice their reading aloud at night.

If you are interested in purchasing Goodnight Spaceman you can find it via Social Book Co for the best available online price.