Pregnancy Took My Breath Away!

imagePregnancy took my breath away!

So if you’ve ever been pregnant, or are thinking of starting a family you may well have a shared experience with me! As my pregnancy body developed and I felt like a giant egg shaped weeble, pregnancy literally took my breath away! It’s obvious really isn’t it? As this 9lb3 bundle of joy grew and did cartwheels, and practiced his karate moves for twenty hours a day, everything got squished, all my vital organs felt the pressure, and my diaphragm and lungs seemed to give up totally and hand in their resignation.

Fifteen months later, tearing around after the small person, trying to get back into shape and finding my feet again in my post pregnancy body, the breathlessness of pregnancy never has seemed to go back to normal. Ok so I’m not totally clueless, at night as I’ve sat thinking really I shouldn’t ignore my tight chest and never seeming to be able to catch my breath, I’ve realised I’ve been here before, and I’m fairly sure I know what this is! I am not having a heart attack,my childhood asthma has reared its ugly head again. Marvellous!

So off I trotted today to my fabulous GP surgery to meet my asthma nurse specialist. It helps that I was diagnosed with asthma when I was routinely tested at school at the age of about twelve (it’s so long ago I can’t be exact!). A couple of weeks of peak flow meter readings and my diagnosis was confirmed. I was prescribed the ‘blue’ reliever inhaler and suddenly my frog march from the school bus back up a hill to home became easy with a single puff! Anyhow I digress, today I had a peak flow test and my chest listened to, and yes a whole load of history and symptoms taken and what do you know, yep it’s all asthma related. My shortness of breath in the evenings, never quite being able to catch my breath, feeling mild chest pains, more like a tightening than anything, like someone being sat on my chest really, and a tell tale wheeze post run all gave it away. So I’m back on the old ‘blue’ reliever inhaler, my inhaler technique, v important, was shocking! And I have a ‘brown’ preventor, something I’m less thrilled at as I’m not sure I am completely comfortable with anything steroid related, but hey it’s better than feeling like I’m one step away from being carted off in an ambulance!

So I guess, what I’m saying is, if the pregnancy shortness of breath doesn’t go away post birth, you probably need to get that checked out! Fifteen months was far too long for me to wait around before getting it sorted! Never ever, as in ever ignore chest pains, silly!

I’ve found Asthma UK really helpful, there is loads of advice on symptoms and treatment and diagnosis. It’s a good place to start if any of the above rings a bell, or a giant whoo whoo whoo of an alarm!