All about me!

image.jpegHello Lovelies! My name is Natasha and I’m a 33 year old, wife, mum, and a blogger!  The idea behind this blog was mainly to keep me sane during the later part of my first successful pregnancy, share my story, my journey and tips for looking like one hot mamma! Im a self-confessed beauty junky, and I’ve been spending a great deal of time recently trying to find blogs that offer a more sophisticated, worldly-wise and relevant place to feed my addiction.  It seems to me that this is crazy hard to do with the blogosphere full of nubile teeny boppers.  I’m not a sixteen year old, Zoella wannabe (even though I love the posts and content of younger blogs!).

So this is where ArtofGlamour comes in.  I hope this will be a place where us family friendly, happy with life, make up counter scouring, thirty something’s can find something a little bit different. I really hope you enjoy and I would really happily receive messages from anyone with beauty knowledge to share, pregnancy, birth and baby tips or from anyone who would just like a natter and share in my Real Housewives obsession!

Lots of love, Natasha

19 thoughts on “All about me!

    1. Hello you!! Still no news!! Now 9 days over and beyond fed up!! I’m off to the midwife in a little bit, and I have a session of reflexology tonight which is meant to get things moving!! As soon as this little one finally makes an appearance I’ll let you know!!

      Thanks for thinking of me and checking in!

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