Soap and Glory Skin Care

I have been all over the place with my skin care lately.  I’ve ditched my ‘traditional’ tried and tested Liz Earle routine to some extent.  Im still an advocate of Cleanse and Polish, and I use variations every single night (Im still using up some limieted editions right now).  But the moisturisers havent really worked […]

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Bleached Hair Don’t Care!

My hair has been literally every colour under the sun since I was about fourteen, and that rinse out red craze hit Just Seventeen and we all jumped on the bandwagon.  That and showering ourselves in a haze of Impulse O2 – remember that?!  I’ve been a bleach blonde for yonks now, I went back […]

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Facial Brushes – worth it?

Cleansing or facial brushes have been on the market for yonks now.  Even I have owned one previously!  I bought the Boots Number 7 version as soon as it came out, but after a few uses it made my skin increadibly sensitive and a little on the sore side.  As much as I desperately wanted […]

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Post Pregnancy Skin Woes!

So it happened!  My beautiful glowing skin and tumbling locks have succumbed to post pregnancy horror!  My little boy is now eight months old, and with all the delights of sitting up, giggling, trying new foods, exploring new places comes the disaster that is my post maternity hair and skin! For the entire duration of […]

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Liz Earle Superskin Serum

I have been holding off writing this review so that I could thoroughly test this new serum and give an honest review.  I took ages to decide to buy this serum when it first came out because it’s £48!  This is far more than I would usually spend on any product, let alone a little […]

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A nightime eye care treat!

So I very recently discovered health food shop brand Dr Organic, my review of their fabulous Dead Sea Mineral Mask is here.  I loved that mask so I thought I’d try another skincare product from a different range.  I adore really good eye creams, lotions and potions and given how fabulous the results of the […]

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