The Girl on the Train – Book Review


If you haven’t speculated who she is, where she is going or what she is looking at out of the window, where on earth have you been?  The box offices and best seller lists are full of Paula Hawkins’ novel and now Hollywood blockbuster, ‘The Girl on the Train’.

The novel, set in the leafy London suburbs twists and turns through the seemingly self destructive daily commute of our heroine Rachel.  We join Rachel as she gazes out of the train window, sipping endless pre-made gin and tonics straight from the can, imagining a better life played out through snatched glances of an innocuous happy couple going about their loving, untroubled daily lives.

All is not what it seems when Megan, the housewife Rachel obsesses over from her vantage point is found murdered.  As Rachel fights to surface from fog filled alcoholism, she finds her past inextricably linked to the brutal and shocking murder of Megan.

Hawkins has created a gripping read for your morning commute.  Next time you are held at a red signal light, take a moment to ponder the lives of your fellow travelers, or the story behind the discarded muddy trainers by the side of the tracks.  You never know what tale may unravel . . .

The Girl on the Train is published by Black Swan and retails at £7.99


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Buying something silly

How cute are my new polar bear earrings?  Yes so they aren’t Cartier, they’re from a local Christmas gift fair and cost all of £4.50!  Ok so I did feel a little silly elbowing my way to the front of the queue, bypassing little girls to purchase my modelling clay tiny polar bear earrings, but […]

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Signed Zoella Giveaway!

Well hello there!  Today I have a special giveaway for my wonderful readers.  I’ve managed to get my hands on two signed copies of Zoella’s new book ‘Girl Online Going Solo’.  Yes I said signed!  By Zoella herself! All you have to do to enter is follow me on Twitter and retweet any of my […]

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Pregnancy Took My Breath Away!

Pregnancy took my breath away! So if you’ve ever been pregnant, or are thinking of starting a family you may well have a shared experience with me! As my pregnancy body developed and I felt like a giant egg shaped weeble, pregnancy literally took my breath away! It’s obvious really isn’t it? As this 9lb3 […]

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Short Story -Claire

Something a bit different for you today.  Here is my attempt at a little dabble into short story writing.  Let me know what you think . . . Claire I sipped my tepid latte and sat, trying to remain poker faced as Claire blathered on about some woman in her office having a breakdown yesterday.  […]

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Apple Day!

This Saturday just gone was Burwash Manor in Cambridgeshire’s annual Apple Day.  What could be more English than a whole day devoted to the celebration of apples?!  We haven’t been for about four or five years, so this year was very exciting as it was our first Apple Day as three!  The day is full […]

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