Fast Fiction

Every week the Faber Academy runs a little QuickFic competition where they give writers a prompt in the form of a picture, a piece of music, a line, a wikki entry and you write a story around that theme or inspiration of no more that 250 words.  This week’s competition information is here .  Hey I […]

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Getting Interview Confident

The last time I went for an interview (December 2015) I was a new mum to a four month old baby, tired, about three stone overweight, exhausted, jobless, worried about living off maternity allowance for too much longer, and did I mention tired?  I managed to get myself an interview for a job I really […]

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First Birthday Shenanigans!

I thought you guys might like a little glimpse of a certain person’s first birthday.  His actual birthday we went on the train to London to visit the Natural History Museum.  Which Daddy Bear and I both love and always have done since childhood.  Yes we focused our trip on dinosaurs, but we did come […]

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Tanya Bakes – Book Review

I have had a little bit of a girl crush on Tanya Burr for a little while now, she’s so successful, likeable and so darn pretty!  I love her You Tube makeup tutorials, I have had a little splurge on her makeup (her eyeshadow palletes are just beautiful), and now the girl has only gone […]

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