Baby Holiday Essentials

So we are off on our first little trip on a plane to a Greek island as three very soon!  I’m filled with excitement, I adore travel and holidays, plus a tiny tinge of worry over traveling with an only just turned one year old!  I’m worried about the usual things I suppose, taking enough […]

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Tanya Bakes – Book Review

I have had a little bit of a girl crush on Tanya Burr for a little while now, she’s so successful, likeable and so darn pretty!  I love her You Tube makeup tutorials, I have had a little splurge on her makeup (her eyeshadow palletes are just beautiful), and now the girl has only gone […]

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Soap and Glory Skin Care

I have been all over the place with my skin care lately.  I’ve ditched my ‘traditional’ tried and tested Liz Earle routine to some extent.  Im still an advocate of Cleanse and Polish, and I use variations every single night (Im still using up some limieted editions right now).  But the moisturisers havent really worked […]

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Cute as a button and free!

Who wants one of these little beauties?  I’ve made a few Art of Glamour charm bracelets with a cute little silver key charm.  I’m giving them away – for free!  All you have to do is subscribe to (up there in the left hand corner of the screen!) and follow me on Twitter […]

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