Tanya Burr Autumn / Winter Collection

imageI’ve been meaning to review my two little purchases from Tanya Burr’s Autumn / Winter collection for yonks and yonks.  I adore Tanya’s makeup range which regularly completely sells out in Superdrug.  I snapped up these two products as soon as they were released on the Superdrug website because they just looked too pretty to pass by.

First up the eyeshadow pallete.  This is Midnight Smoulder which retails at £5.99 and contains four eyeshadows – star gazing, endless sky, midnight navy and into the night.  As with all of Tanya’s palletes you can use the colours on their own, or use all four together for a perfect smokey and dramatic eye.  This pallete is all about the blue, which I usually steer well clear of as I have green eyes, but I’ve actually used it to death in October and November.  Star gazing is a great neutral base, endless sky is a little bit ‘meh’ for me, it’s a silvery light blue which doesn’t really do a great deal for me, but acts as a good base on which to build.  Midnight navy is a fabulous dark navy and into the night is a classic smokey black.  If you are into your blues this pallete is a must and at £5.99 it’s a great introduction to not quite so scary blue eyeshadow!

Next up I treated myself to one of the new lipsticks, this one is ‘happily ever after’.  I bought this based on the swatches on Tanya’s blog post all about her new range, thinking it would be a super pretty girly pink, but it’s a pretty strong coral, so strong in fact it’s a complete waste of time for me and I won’t consider wearing this, not even on holiday.  I’m so disappointed the colour on my lips was such an extreme difference to the swatches.  Even in my photos I don’t think the extreme coral comes through enough – avoid! These lipsticks retail at £6.99 so I’m even more annoyed!

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