Two lovely Lush masks!

I adore a lovely fresh face mask from Lush!  I’ve currently got Rosy Cheeks on the go (my review is here), which I love.  When I ordered my last lot of goodies from Lush they sent me two more fresh face masks to try! First up the green one!  This is mask of magnaminty!  Get […]

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Rose Jam from Lush!

How have I only just heard of Rose Jam from Lush?!  How?!  I love Rose as a fragrance so anything rosy I tend to snap up as soon as I see it!  From what I understand Lush have periodically sold Rose Jam in shower gel form as part of a gift set, and I believe […]

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More Eucalyptus Love!

I adore eucalyptus, I make no effort to hide my love for this wonder plant!  I’ve discovered shower gels and bath bombs containing this distinctive scent (my review of the Kneipp version is here) and I even took the neat oil with me to the labour ward to apply to my NHS pillow!  There is […]

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Lush Kitchen Haul Y’All!

After my very first foray into all things Lush Kitchen (an exclusive limited edition range available online – when they’re gone, they’re gone!) Im completely hooked!  So I ordered more lovely Lush Kitchen goodies and here’s what I got! Banana Moon – Soap £4.25 for 100g.  Ooooo a bananery solid lump of sheer delight I […]

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