Pregnancy Took My Breath Away!

Pregnancy took my breath away! So if you’ve ever been pregnant, or are thinking of starting a family you may well have a shared experience with me! As my pregnancy body developed and I felt like a giant egg shaped weeble, pregnancy literally took my breath away! It’s obvious really isn’t it? As this 9lb3 […]

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It’s a collab! The mum to be be, asks the new mummy all of those difficult questions!

Pregnant? Confused, puzzled, anxious? Well I know I am! There are so many questions when you are facing the birth of your first child. There are the practical questions around birth and labour, and then there are the slightly taboo ones around personal feelings and ways of doing things. Everyone has a totally different experience […]

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Pregnancy Books Review

As soon as I hit 13 weeks (when I had my first successful 12 week scan ever) I ordered a shed load of pregnancy / baby books!  Hubby and I are first time parents to be, and pretty clueless!  The book stash lives by my side of the bed and we both dip into various […]

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